About us

We are able to provide the perfect product mix for either one’s home, gift giving occasions or entertaining needs.


Mementos established in 2003 evolved from a small Gourmet/Wine/Gift basket shop into a reputable Tabletop/Kitchenware/Gift/Gift-basket/Wine retail store. It is here where the Love in Giving has merged with Wonderful World of Entertaining.

Mementos mission is simple - the creation of the finest retail home store on the island of Curacao. Mementos is a concept store where quality, good taste, reputable brands and affordability are all interwoven. Whether it is for the home, personal use, or corporate gift giving occasions, Mementos eclipc product mix permits for the unique opportunity to create the most beautiful and customizable gift baskets. ts focus is to maintain its signature quality and unique gift-wrapping that makes it stand apart. Our strive is to meet and if possible, exceed customers’ expectations.

Mementos Gift-Baskets and Gifts are at the core of its being. Although home décor and furnishings be-came an essential part of the operation the decision to return to its passion was made in 2016. The Gift. Mementos—The Gifts that Keep on Giving. The passion– Mementos BasketWorld. The complement—Entertaining essentials /Celebrate the Good life and In Good Company—La Kushina. This is what makes up Mementos—Celebrated Living—Being Present.

From the pre-selection of the gourmet lines we represent, to the basket or the box, where these will be housed in, the wine of your choice, to its final packaging, the entire process is one of pride, love, and passion. Throughout the year Mementos focuses on its corporate gift giving market, specializing in unique wine/gift/wellness baskets. The Holiday Season never ends as when January 1 arrives the bells and whis-tles go off in the direction, joy and creation of the next basket, gift box, or gift what will bring pride in the world’s happiest of seasons.

2018 will be a year of transformation as Mementos is geared to enter the Online market to satisfy all those local/
overseas customers who wish and desire to send to their friends and relatives on the island of Curacao truly memorable
gifts/gift-baskets. The e-commerce site will also offer the first Wedding Registry on-line. The excitement for this
transition is contagious—the world at your reach.

For those on the island, Mementos is a shopping experience where while your gift baskets are prepared you will be
able to enjoy your cup of Tea in comfort. The showroom is an experience and the shopping environment fantastic.
One will discover items that we have seen on many travels throughout the world and wished we had them here.
Well, we do now.

Our brands

We are pleased to inform you that international well known brands such as :

Amaretti Virginia, Bredemeijer Group, Bridgewater Candles, Casa Domani, Christopher Vine, Coloma Garcia Turrones, Colonial Candles, Cuisinart, Final Touch, Hamlet Chocolates, La Chinata, Joyce Chen, Krosno, Lifetimebrands, Maxwell & Williams, Mikasa, Noble Chocolates, Nachtmann, Northern Candles, Salt & Pepper, Southernlink Candles, Red Vanilla, Riedel, Oggi, Trudeau, Torre & Tagus and other create breath of lines that complement the store.
And of course, in our Wine Corner, we toast to the best - Veuve Cliquot, Concha & Toro, Antinori, B&G, Robert Mondavi,
Piper Heidseick, Lolea, Montes, and other fine wine houses & spirits can be found at Mementos.

With the above brands Mementos is able to provide the perfect product mix for either one’s home, gift giving occasions or entertaining needs.

Mementos prides itself in Celebrating Life’s Moments. Our motto - The act in giving represents the  personal extension of the
giver. Therefore, it is our responsibility to exceed their expectation of the task that has been given to us. We understand
the value of relationships. Mementos appreciates the confidence bestowed upon us from the selection-presentation-delivery of the gift. Our mission is to exceed that expectation.

Yes, Mementos, where 'The Gifts that Keep on Giving'. Yes, Mementos - something to remember you by.