Sitting at the Table

Sitting at the Table

Making 6.3% of your time more Memorable…

Rarely do we sit down and take notice of the number of minutes/hours/days we spend in, yes, The Act of Eating. Yes, friends, The Act of Eating! And an important one it is. 


Therefore, if we were to assume the following:

Number of days per year 365 days
Average number hours we spend eating during the day   1.5 hrs*
              Breakfast              15 minutes  
              Lunch                   30 minutes  
              Dinner                   45 minutes  
              Dinner                   45 minutes  
Average life span years 78 years
Total number of hours we spend eating during an average lifetime 42,705 hrs
              78 years * 365 * 1.5 hrs per day  
Average number of days (Hours/days) 1779.37 days
              42705 hrs / 24 hrs  
Average number of years spent eating 4.88 years
              1779.37 days / 365 days  
Conclusion: % Lifetime spent on The Act of Eating 6.3%
              4.88 Years / 78 Years  


The data is clear- the conclusion evident: We will spend (hopefully) many hours in the activity called The Act of Eating.  If you are a slow eater, or of European and Latin descent, the ratios would probably go higher. But for now, let make this process, these moments – Memorable, by following these 4 Easy Rules.


Rule No. 1  What are we having?

Decide before hand on what’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner (Will discuss some options at a future date).It really makes it much easier when there is a Plan (better said than done). 


Rule No. 2  Prep-time

a) Yes, you will have to go to the supermarket with a List. This is necessary or you will start the cooking process and end up without the basics – happens to me all the time. If you do not do this you will end up with recipes that are constantly changing because you substituted it for whatever you had in the kitchen. Take my word of advice – make the List.

b) Set up your table. If you have a very hectic life, why not leave it ready for the next day. You will be pleasantly surprised by this small act of Prepping.


Rule No. 3  The Table is the Window to the Soul.

Even when you have at a yes, a ‘bad hair day’ at work, coming home to a beautifully set table can be most inviting, relaxing, nurturing, and assuring. Yes, to Come Home. 

Therefore when shopping for dinnerware or serve ware keep your lifestyle in mind and the feeling or ambiance you want to create. There are so many styles to choose from. And yes, no one style has to define you. Because there are so many dinner patterns in the marketplace, it would be wise to keep in mind the difference between the finishes and what determines their classification. 

  1. Porcelain: The Chinese were the first to introduce porcelain around 800BC (usually the most expensive type of ceramic). Dinner plates were introduced around 300BC but it was not until the Middle Ages that these were commercialized as such. Europeans who used ‘trenches’ or harden bread as plates fell in love with this novelty and truly a new industry in the West was born. Again, Global Trade surely has had a tremendous impact on all of us. 
  2. Bone China: The English added ox bone ash to make porcelain harder and more chip resistant (great for tea mugs). Bone china is more expensive, whiter, and translucent than Fine China. The later is more affordable, less durable and slighter lighter.
  3. Stoneware: Strong, resistant, ‘oven to table’, colorful. More trendy, casual, affordable and most popular type in the marketplace.
  4. Earthenware (Dolmolite): Hand painted. Opaque/Intense colors due to glazing. Fun design. Most affordable. Light weight.
  5. Melamine or Plastic - Great for outdoor, durable, fun, safety conscious.

Remember to consider: Quality, Resistance, Strength and Appearance and the frequency of use at the time of purchase. Mementos has a great assortment of dinnerware and serve ware for today’s hectic lifestyle.

We are ALL very different, with very diverse lifestyles; however, we all have one thing in common - We all have to Eat!  Time will pass whether you set your table or not, so why not make the best of it! Spruce up that 6.3% of your life and make it something to remember you by.


And finally, Rule No. 4   Connect the Dots….

Yes, we know that we have no time.  Yes, we all have busy lives and lifestyles. However, find the time to Reconnect, Recharge, Relax, and Communicate.  And in the process - build Memories.