The war of the Sofas...

The war of the Sofa

Here is some food for thought about another article I wrote on Sofas… Yes, sofas. You probably do not think this might be interesting.  However, it might be worth your while if you’re decorating your living room area, loft or great room. 

New Sofa? What should you buy? Sometimes it can be quite stressful to make this decision.


Option No. 1

Of course, is Reupholstering.  Believe it or not, this can be time consuming and costly.  If, however, you have a very good sofa, that speaks to you, yes, speaks to your comfort level, then it might be a wise idea to find the fabric of your choice, color coordinate it with what you already have, or why not, change it all together.  Yes, it is a big investment, however, if the color combinations come out right, you will be pleasantly surprised by the new look.  Buyer beware – check the credentials of the person who will be doing the job.


Option No. 2

Buy New Sofa. Before proceeding to buying a new sofa, determine whether or not you will keep the same look and/or configuration. Sometimes change in good.  Sometimes we will even surprise ourselves. The first basic question we will ask ourselves will be, “Traditional or Sectional? “

A sectional sofa provides great flexibility as you can move or reconfigure it very easily. It also creates a more modern, contemporary and relaxed feel to your room. A sectional sofa usually offers you more 'bang for your money' because you can fill up your room effortlessly.

With a traditional sofa, you will most likely need to purchase an additional love seat or accent chairs. However, if size and budget are less of a factor, a combination of a sofa/sofa, sofa/loveseat, sofa/loveseat/accent chairs, can create marvelous ambiences. Remember that the most important part is the comfort and feel of the room that you want to create and enjoy.


And your Style?

Metro, Contemporary, Modern, Vintage, Country Casual, Classic, Traditional, and the list goes on and on. Every style has not only its particular design, but comfort level.  This is where you come in and decide – seat too short, too straight, not plush enough. Remember that the style can and does say, so much about you.  Yes, are you the Sophisticated, Sensible, Contemporary, Fun, of the Affectionate type? 

After choosing your sofa, do not forget about the Mood that you want to create.  Here, Color is fundamental.  This is what will bring it all in.

Our advice: get a blank piece of paper, place yourself in the center of the room and write down what you see: doors, windows (take in the view), and walls. Get a feel of the room.  See the colors in your mind and the design elements that you would like to keep. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle. However, it is just as important to De-clutter, De-clutter and De-clutter.   Use what is memorable to you.  The rest – let it go.

Free design advice

At Mementos, we aim to help you find the right Sofa and elements for your home. We offer free in house design advice. So bring in your pictures or a floor plan and let's see together what best works for you. Let’s get those creative juices going as we envision the new memories that you are about to create.