The buyer or a third party can return the product, which he or she has purchased or received, to Mementos within eight (8) days after the day it has been purchased, under the express condition that the relevant product is unused, is still packed and sealed in its original packing, is in good state, is no food or liquor, and the buyer of the product hands over the readable receipt that had been provided by Mementos at the date of sale.

Products, which are purchased during a special sales offer, cannot be returned.
If a product is being returned by a buyer or a third party in accordance with the terms as mentioned and described under article 13 of these general terms & conditions, the person who returns the product will receive a gift certificate equal to the purchase price of the returned product. Mementos is not obliged to refund the purchase price of the product in cash or by check.

Upon a buyers claim for repair or return of an item, Mementos will serve as an intermediary within a 15 day period to see if the damaged product can be repaired or replaced, excluding cases of misuse, accident and/ or negligence by the buyer.
This service can only be offered if:

  • the buyer provides proof of purchase at Mementos
  • the sale has been recorded in Retail Pro;
  • the buyer has filled out the Warranty Form and provides proof of registration of the Warranty Registration Card with the manufacturer;

Mementos will try to contact the manufacturer to seek remedy for the situation. Mementos will provide the best service possible, however the ultimate responsibility lies with the manufacturer. Mementos is not a registered agent of the manufacturer and is not responsible to service the product.

Mementos will try to facilitate the quickest and most expedient way to inform and if possible repair the product on the island of Curacao at the request of the manufacturer. If a reputable serviceman to repair the product is not available, the buyer will ultimately have to send the product to the manufacturer’s place of origin.